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Ad verification

Ad fraud is a real problem resulting in a 26% loss of your investment. Verify your ads to make sure they appear to the right people.

Ad verification

Marketers generally use ad verification to verify that the ad's demarcated characteristics serve to match the terms specified in the advertising campaign situations (e.g., site, geographical, or content parameters). Authentication tags or beacons are deployed along with the ad (inside the ad markup) to analyze the publisher's page's content and ensure that the site is appropriate for the ad.

Detecting Fraudulent Activity

The verification's objective is not to prevent suspicious ads from showing up in full. It can still help avoid publishers with low visibility or high fraud traffic early in the campaign by excluding them (blacklisting) from the DSP. By mimicking real user IPs with Geonode residential proxies, you can safely collect accurate advertising data and verify ads' compliance and affiliate links worldwide.

About Geonode Networks

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Why Geonode?

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