✅ Stock Market Data Collection [Stock Market Proxy Use Case]

Stock market data

Alternative data can help investors source undiscovered indications of market movements. Geonode helps you with the real-time extraction of financial information.

Aggregating Financial Data

A common use case for rotating proxies is scraping up top date stock data from stock market websites to get a quick overview of what the market is doing. Unfortunately, some stock websites are aggressively blocking users who make many requests. In cases like this, Geonode residential proxies can be used to overcome these restrictions.

Extract Precise Data

Using a residential proxy network assures accurate financial data aggregation. Getting precise financial information is possible by using residential IPs that have ISP and ASN targeting. Residential IPS mimic traditional consumers allowing you to access accurate reports without getting inaccurately filtered information.

About Geonode Networks

Geonode is a comprehensive and user-friendly proxy network providing over 2 million IPs in many locations.
You can use IPs from over 140 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Europe & more.
We make data collection painless with our friendly staff and helpful documentation. And we make it easy and fun with our best-in-breed customer dashboard that gives you a bird’ eye view of the most important metrics and results.

Why Geonode?

Growing businesses worldwide trust Geonode for all their data gathering needs. Our residential proxies are ethically sourced, often refreshed, and easy to use. We offer proxy plans to cover every legitimate use case.
Unlike many competitors, we have no monthly bandwidth limits. We provide services, depending on your requirements. Enjoy worldwide access with fast and reliable connections. We are invested in your success and ready to support you every step of the way.